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Kari Smith gathers crowds with her fresh vocal style and contagious smile, whether it's local fans in a crowded coffee shop, or on stage performing for thousands. Rather than waiting to be discovered, Kari finds her audience in local and regional venues, and fills her time outside of performing with writing, recording, and teaching music.

"As a vocalist, Kari is mature beyond her years," says producer Matthew Roberts. In 2005, she independently released EP "go with you". Producer John Henneberger says that her writing is “superb and reflects that of a seasoned veteran while maintaining a freshness in approach needed  in today's musical landscape." In August 2006, she followed up with an independently released full-length album, self-titled "Kari".  Her third record “Gypsy of Love” was released in December 2008 by Music Row producer / engineer Dennis Money on independent label Vanillity Music. 

Her first TV appearance in October 2007 featured acoustic performances of her original music on PBS’s “The Music Seen”. She has also appeared on CBS's “Virginia This Morning” multiple times. 

Kari made the move from Richmond, VA to Nashville in 2006 to further her pursuit of performing and 
writing. After 10 years in Nashville, Kari returned to her native Virginia in 2016 and maintains a busy schedule of live music performances. In addition to solo performances, Kari has performed with other bands as a vocalist, pianist and rhythm guitarist. Through these experiences, she has shared the stage with such national acts as Huey Lewis & the News,  Sugar Ray, Switchfoot, Eric Heatherly, and Graham 
Russell of Air Supply.Her powerful rendition of the National Anthem has been heard at sporting events, and in several coliseums and arenas. Since 2004, she has performed over 1,000 shows in almost 200 venues in 15 states.

Kari holds an AA in Liberal Arts, and is a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Publishers.)

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